Sunship purchased a competitor in Estonia and is expanding its business in Finland

Furniture producer Sunship purchased its competitor Kateks Sisustus AS in July and will transfer its operations to a larger production area. Sunship plans to expand its production in Finland and also to the Turku Shipyard.

Sunship OÜ, operating in Finland and Estonia, is rapidly enlarging its operations. In July the company purchased Estonian company Kateks Sisustus, operating in the same field, and can now transfer its production to a better production area.

“We will move to the premises of Kateks, where we can use new machinery and more space that we lacked before. We have strived for expanding and now found a suitable purchase object. With the purchase we obtained an excellent list of new customers, making it possible to move naturally to a new region,” welcomed Kaur Tomann the CEO, and Antero Valmunen, sales and marketing director of Sunship.

Sunship is a furniture maker located in Tallinn producing high-quality custom-made furniture for public facilities. The company manufactures custom-made interior design solutions for different objects from shops to restaurants to offices.

Sunship, which has operated since 2006, will employ after the merger around 50 specialists with long-term experience in end-to-end preparation, manufacturing, installation and project management of furniture.

A majority of the production is manufactured for the Finnish market. The latest jobs of the company include, e.g. Kesko headquarters, Yle Mediatalo, Mow Supernova and Next Games headquarters in Helsinki.

New trends 

The goal of Sunship is to also expand its activities in Finland to other cities besides Helsinki. Sunship has been a significant player in maritime-related activities and now plans to also take its production to the Turku Shipyard.

In addition, the company plans to start conquering Sweden in autumn. According to Valmunen, the expansion and new production area fill the team with new motivation and wish to move ahead together.

“This is a new beginning for us. We have moving in the mentioned direction for several years and have at last reached new waters. We will get our own rooms, where everybody is working in a large open office. This improves teamwork and helps the company to develop together.”